CATL 2023: C-bodies At The Lake on Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 16-17, 2023 (Route 66 from Chicago to St Louis)

I've got 6 walkie talkies that we can spread among the cars, or at current count I think everyone gets one
Looks like very possibly 7hrs of driving on the way down (not including time to get to the Gemini Giant and 5.5hrs back using some freeway bypasses to the Braidwood zoo. We will want 1.5-2hrs in Pontiac I believe on Sunday to look thru the museums. I've been there and I found them to be cool
Interesting. I wish my son could have his c wagon ready to run for this cruise, main hangup is getting someone to do his headliner, so he can get the windshield in(have all parts) i might go at least part way but don't know if you guys would welcome a b body fury ... Since it's not a "c".
I live about 23 miles straight east of where 66 goes thru Dwight....
Thanks. . I am frequently on FABO and occasionally on the pickup forum, FBBO,
I joined FCBO when my son first bought an identical twin (if not the exact car) to a car my dad had while I was in jr high. I grew up amongst many many c bodies. I don't come here as often as the other 2

Gemini giant is about 18 miles from me ... Haven't been by it in a while though we went for ice cream just a few blocks from there a couple nights ago... Came in from the other way though
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Having owned everything but an imperial I'm on all the fxbo sites as well
Here are the navigation ready day one routes - I have to split them up because you can only have so many points/route adjustments it seems per route in google:
4720 Green Bridge Ln to Riviera Roadhouse Memorial Place
Riviera Roadhouse Memorial Place to Crazy Presidential Elephant

Crazy Presidential Elephant to World's Largest Railsplitter Covered Wagon

131 Sangamon St to Lick Creek Preserve Hiking and Bike Trail

Lick Creek Preserve Hiking and Bike Trail to Old Bridge

for some reason when I click the route for #3 in here it reroutes onto I55 for a chunk but when I click it from my email it doesn't. It's in the Atlanta area.
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The last leg, to Collinsville, seems to be missing?
Looks like it is missing the very last bit, from the Cahokia Mounds to the hotel in Collinsville
yup, didn't know if we'd be eating, going to hotel, or what. The last bit will be open ended - if we're running long we may skip the bridge, we might go from the bridge to the park that you can see the Arch from for a photo, go to the Mounds, etc etc etc. We'll have to play it by ear based on timing.
Has there been a selection where we will all meet for the beginning of the trip?
If not, since we go right by it, how about at Schweitzer and West Rds., in front of the Route 66 Raceway?
For us further up NW I figured we'd meet up near Mark and I since we live close to each other. While I didn't mean that people need to come to my house that's where the map starts.
The route shows us NW people stopping at a rt66 landmark before the speedway, could meet there