Disc Brake Conversion

no issues here , tell you what , you can keep in touch if you care to . oh ya i keep the door closed , so call me so i know who's here , and here is my cel 408-528-5501 paul massaro

great meeting up with another member and a plus of meeting your wife and beautiful little girl , yes maybe next time i'll have a machine ready for a ride . and again any time your in town look me up .
hey bud here is a couple pics of the engines in those two orange trucks . the 64 d100 , and than the 69 d200 crewcab , and the 60 d100 , the 60 is getting this put on it a 6 71 setup , more used parts , lol .










oh ya i forgot here is those rear wheels for the 60 . plan on drilling through from one side to the other and using long fasteners to help hold the two halves together not counting on those welds totally .



I'm diggin that setup man, and good luck with those welds lol! I've always been curious about those 6 and 871 setups. Do you just slap them on or do you need a lower lift cam, lower compression setup, etc.? Could I slap one on my 505?
well cr must be low like 7 or 8 to 1 , motorhome motor , cam needs to have no overlap as well or just a minor amount , opening the exhaust valve while the intake is opening lets hot exhausts back into the cylinder , the blower makes the boost to cylinder pressure . no need to use termal expansion . plus the valve springs need more return pressure , so the valves shut under the psi load . a 6 71 makes around 420 inches of air each time it turns once , a 8 71 makes like 560 inches of air at the same rotation . so you must account for that , and the heat that it makes compressing the air starts at idle and builds from there , i'm going to use e85 104 octane fuel , that much alk or eth to the little bit of gasoline should make it run cooler than straight gas . and of course the cylinders need tobe o ringed to help the head gaskets seal under heavy loads of boost . on the street 6 to 10 lbs of boost is plenty . and if you set up your drive pulleys right for driving than to make more boost , just swap pulleys from crank to snot and overdrive it some to make more boost and of course more power and heat as well . that's a 6 71 on a 55 chrysler 301 poly block with 55 hemi heads . so i will spin the blower way slower the crank speed , plenty of boost at low blower rpm makes less heat as well .


going to use 75 chrysler imp 4 wheel disc brakes and booster setup on my 64 300c , spindles out on the front and convert the rear axles for one piece axles and then install the rears from that imp 9 1/4 re . here is some mods to get the front setup on the suspension and steering .

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You may want to investigate replacement parts availability on those Imperial rear discs before you commit to that path.

My understanding is they are made of unobtainium.