Giving New Life To An LL1 Dark Turquoise 1967 Plymouth VIP, A True Garage Find.....

I missed these photos before - terrific VIP - beautiful color, too. Read up on reviving original metallic finishes, gentle as it goes, don't use a buffer unless you REALLY know what you're doing, and you can get some good results. Good luck with the rescue.
I rescued a 66 Town and Country that was idle in a garage from 1979 to 2008. Same mildew problem Straight white vinegar does a nice job of removing the stuff while gentle on the material - it is a good cleaner in general too.
Use of an Ozone generator (rentable) will knock out the musty smell. You may need to use it several times to finally get it but it will work. All vents, windows, etc. must be closed.
Hi all,

I'm back with a couple updates on the VIP project. I got some pictures of the old original trunk mat before it was unfortunately thrown away as it was just too far gone to save even though I wanted to do that, and a new one was ordered from Herb's Mopar Parts.

mat 1.jpg

mat 2.jpg

mat 3.jpg
The gas tank has also been removed from under the car, the old gas just needs to be emptied out of it now. Depending on the condition of the inside, it will either be restored by our local radiator shop who also restores gas tanks if it is in good condition OR be replaced if it is not in good condition......

tank 1.jpg

tank 2.jpg
A final update on the car for now is that the trunk floor has been cleaned, wire brushed, scrapped and vacuumed to see where we need to exactly cut it out to replace it. An idea blueprint/template where we need to cut has also been made.....


Hi All,

I got another update on the VIP. The old rotted out floor is now cut out, and the trunk is awaiting it's new trunk piece. The start of the cut out is in the first 2 pictures below......

VIP Floor 1.jpg

VIP Floor 2.jpg

The all cut out pictures are below......

VIP Floor 3.jpg

VIP Floor 4.jpg

VIP Floor 5.jpg
Great pics! Are you guys doings the fab work (trunk)?

Hi Ron! Yes indeed, my stepdad is doing it. He is the one who cleaned up the whole trunk, already cut out the old piece, and will cut the new piece out and put it in. He is doing ALL the work, I'm just the documenter on this one.
Hi folks,

I got an update so to speak, but mostly change of plans on the car. Unfortunately we will NOT be using the original gas tank as according to my stepdad after draining the old gas out of it is too rusty inside to reuse, so we will be putting in a new one we have. Also as an update is that the new original parts floor we were gonna use we are NOT gonna use anymore, my stepdad says we will now be using this one below from a '66 Newport because the piece we need is in better condition. Otherwise this is all for now, more to come soon......

VIP NEW Trunk 1.jpg

VIP NEW Trunk 2.jpg
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Hi folks,

I got an update on the VIP project. The new floor in the pictures above was cut out. Below are pictures of when it was first being cut out......

VIP Floor 7.jpg

VIP Floor 8.jpg

VIP Floor 9.jpg
All cut out, now we just need to cut the frame rail off from the new floor piece because we are saving the original rail from the car. The rest of the new piece we didn't use will be saved because it is in such good condition and just in case we need it for any other future projects......

VIP Floor 10.jpg

VIP Floor 11.jpg

VIP Floor 12.jpg
Hi Everyone,

I'm back with an update on the VIP project. The spot welds from the new floor piece we are gonna use were drilled out and the frame rail piece that was under it was cut off as well. So very sorry for the blurry picture its not the best, I took it with my cellphone but hopefully you get the idea.......

VIP NEW Trunk 3.jpg
Since the post above, which is actually a 2 week old project but I just posted it today the new piece was installed in the car just yesterday.......

VIP NEW Trunk 4.jpg

VIP NEW Trunk 5.jpg

VIP NEW Trunk 6.jpg

OTHERWISE- This is all I have for now, more to come soon.......
Hi all,

I got another update on the VIP project. I thought I posted this already BUT apparently not, however now that the floor is clamped and bonded in we took the bricks off and put some seam sealer on it. This happened today (or Thursday) of last week......

VIP NEW Trunk 9.jpg