Ground, ground the world around - lighting issues resolved


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May 16, 2018
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Centerville, South Dakota
I finally spent some time troubleshooting an issue with Shamu, my 69 Fury III vert.
The problem was that the left turn signal was blinking slowly and the fender mounted turn signal indicator turned on when the parking or head lights were on. The dash turn signal indicators were also illuminating inversely.

Thought that it might be the light switch as I had recently replaced the turn signal switch. After chatting with @Devinism , he suggested that it was not the switch, but the instrument wiring.
I looked at the front turn signal housing and there was no continuity between the bulb socket and the turn signal housing.
I verified that a ground was not there, by adding a clip lead between the bulb socket and the housing - bingo!

So, I installed a sheet metal screw between the bulb socket and the housing and buttoned it up. 8^)

Next electrical issue is to get the back up lights to work…
3175375, I howled on that one. Shamu! That's great. Perfect name.
Regarding the fix, congrats! I have to chase down a head light bug soon, if I want to drive at night during Chrysler season, which is upon us. I know it's a ground.

Thanks for the laugh!