Hello fellow C Body lovers


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May 4, 2023
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Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Good day.. Just a little bit about me.. I purchased my first C body, 1967 Chrsyler Newport Custom, 2 door fastback, back in 2011. I still have it, and love it. About a month ago, I picked up another one. A 1973 Chrysler Newport 2dr HT. It is currently a work in progress, and so far I am just at awe on how big this car is. I drove a 68 Caddy in high school, so needless to say when I bought my 67, it was almost a flashback of high school days, yea, I graduated in 1979, and left for the military shortly after, Dad took over the caddy. The 73 just seams like a tank compared to my 67, but loving it anyway. Hoping to get some help here.
Well, you're certainly right place to get help with either of the newports. Search the forum for the specific help you need, the forms are broken down into sections, such as interior, exterior, engine, electrical, etc.