help with removing chrome trim on vinyl roof. '68 fastback 300

Blue 300

Sep 30, 2011
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I am going to be removing my vinyl top and addressing some minor rust issues under it.
How does the chrome trim attach at the bottom of the vinyl? Also the threehundred emblems on the b pillar?

If you're talking about the chrome trim that runs along between the side glass and the rear window along the bottom of the vinyl roof, and the 300 emblems on that section that is above (known as the sail panel), they both have pins with speed nuts that are accessed by remove that section of the headliner inside the car.

Remove the chrome trim inside the car that is above the rear seat at the side, and the interior chrom trim that covers the rear window edge and side window edges, and you'll have access to the headliner.
I have a feeling that I better buy a new headiner then, as mine is in good condition but somewhat fragile.