Installing cat whiskers


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Jan 19, 2016
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winston salem, nc
67 newport 2dr fast top
Do I need to remove the glass to install the outer cat whiskers on the doors? I've tried pushing the glass in but near the vent window won't move enough to even get the old one out. I think I can get the rears in with the glass installed still..
I had to remove the door panels to make enough room, run a piece of masking tape along the outer edge to protect the paint.
Finally got one in...had to loosen the quarter frame some to make room. They went in....they are ok. Dont really touch the glass on the rears...fronts are better. They seem a bit short fiber length wise.
I was going to order a full set but was offered a good deal on outers from a member here. You can order them through Detroit muscle technologies and another member here.. QQE? They both have full sets. I didnt take any pictures this time...but its not difficult...getting them to fit took a bit of work, and I had to remove one clip from the rear because it was off enough it wouldnt fit.
I think it would have been easier if I had pulled the pin holding the glass to the regulator and let it slide down a bit more, but I didnt want to break it and have to order another one...I just replaced it last week. I did the passenger door...still forgot pictures...but what i did was:
remove the door panel
roll window up
remove the quarter window regulator(had to replace it anyway, 3 mounting bolts and one on the pivot)
remove quarter frame:2 bolts at the top, one bolt at the bottom and one nut/screw adjuster in the middle of the quarter frame and removed the frame.
This allowed the window to move plenty so i could snap in the new whisker.
NOTE: the front of the window has two 2-part slides that slide in the quarter track. Dont drop them...remember to put them back in or the window wont roll back down.
I just received a set for the 68 Fury II 4 door sedan.
The cat whiskers appear to be stapled in.
What is used for the new staple installation?
I got to attempting to install the outer cat whisker on the rear drivers side door. No joy.
I need to contact the seller and talk to them about the parts. None of the parts that have the snap in fittings on them have the correct spacing.

I tried using either of the pieces that are that long, but the one that aligned with the most slots in the door is still not aligned for over half of them.

Here’s the old and new ones on the door and the label from the package:

I'm working on the same thing. Here is a great Utube video on installing wiskers. They discuss three options - replace the staples, use adhesive, or use pop rivets.
I worry the rivets may eventually scratch the glass. I think I am going to put in a few of the staples, and also use a very small amount of adhesive.

I haven't tackled the outers . . . hopefully the snap fittings line up, guess I better check. I ordered mine from Restoration Specialties.
I used aluminum rivets with black heads in place of the staples. Didnt really consider the scratch thing cuz they were new but I guess its possible at some time in the future.
I went ahead and did the four door panels this past week. A bit difficult but worked out fine. I did use some adhesive and then added a few staples. Bending the staple ends over took a good amount of pressure with plyers but didn't seem to damage the whiskers.