Lets Play A Game: Last Of The Convertibles

CM27T0C151049 was recently acquired by @Fireguyfire — who posted the tag here. The SBD of this EF8 green / tan M6T5 buckets / V3W white top 300 ‘vert and some nice other options (power windows and seats, rimblow tilt wheel) was October 25, 1969. The original C21 buddy seat has been replaced by a console.

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I'm finally going to get around to posting my friend's 1970 300 convertible that we picked up in Delaware a few years ago.

Ayilar, you'll have to add another U code to your list.

This car was sold new at Gambacorta Chrysler Plymouth in New Castle, DE to a doctor, who we believe is still around today. He traded it back in around 1975 and it was resold to the uncle of the man my friend acquired it from.

Current mileage is just under 41K, and it's all original paint with the exception of the duchman panel and tops of the quarters. My friend added the road wheels, which are wearing my best set of old style centers. The lower side mouldings, which were original to the car, have been removed after the photos were taken, since the left side was moulding was damaged.

I'm not sure what's up with the "9999" interior code, since there's nothing unusual about a green interior in a 300 for 1970. Green was not recommended in combination with the Antique Ivory, but that shouldn't be a reason for the odd code.

IMG_0283 (1).JPG

IMG_0282 (1).JPG

IMG_0280 (1).JPG

IMG_0287 (1).JPG

IMG_0281 (1).JPG

IMG_0284 (1).JPG

IMG_0285 (1).JPG

@bigmoparjeff, thanks a lot for posting about CM27U0C214995 — perhaps @69CoronetRT can chime in on the 9999 code for this loaded ragtop. Beautiful car!

While the tag and VIN are new to me, I don't believe that the car is. All the textual and photographic information that I see in your detailed (thanks!) post is consistent with those of a car that was for sale in Hockessin, Delaware a few years back -- see the listing archived here.

--> If your friend changed the voltage regulator, that will be further evidence that the two cars are one and the same (I mean, how many yellow/green 300 TNT 'verts with power vent windows are were built?). Still, it'd be great for you to confirm?

PS: Assuming that I am right, we have 22 known U-code 300 'verts in my list of survivors. Of those, 20 are in running condition, one is in sad shape, and one is rotting away. The hunt continues!

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@bigmoparjeff -- thanks a lot for posting about CM27U0C214995

While the tag and VIN are new to me, I don't believe that the car is. All the textual and photographic information that I see in your detailed (thanks!) post is consistent with those of a car that was for sale in Hockessin, Delaware a few years back -- see the listing archived here.

Absolutely correct. It's the same car, and same seller that he bought it from.

We always wonder about some of the more obscure classic car web sites as to if they are real or just scams to get your email info. My friend found the car on Classic Cars.com and filled out the contact request. It took about a month, but the seller finally got back to him. When you do a google search the car will come up on one of the bogus sites that says it is or was for sale out in California.

The seller had been keeping the car outside under a car cover and it was extremely damp inside. The rear carpet was soaking wet when we picked it up and the interior was quite stinky. This one was a bit of a rescue before too much damage was done. It's now garaged and the top is down most of the time, so it's nice and dry now.

My friend is usually a stickler for originality, but the ugly cast wheel covers had to go, along with the cheesy, albeit factory, glue on side trim.



The prolific @T-revorNobody gets credit and many thanks for posting the tag of CM27T0C204411 — an EW1 white 300 ‘vert with black buckets, buddy seat and top that is currently for sale in Wolcottville, Indiana. The SBD was March 10, 1970.

T-revor is a very valuable resource for finding interesting and very desirable vehicles. We would miss a lot of them without his diligent searches. There are surprisingly a lot more very interesting vehicles out there and he seems to find them. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks to @67newport we now have the build sheet of CE27L0C176232 -- a Newport currently for sale in Virginia Beach, VA. No fender tag, but here is the build sheet. The color code is missing (I'd guess EW1), the interior is E2Y4. The car is is sorry shape.

build sheet00w0w_lrpTNxwJiXsz_0jM0t2_1200x900.jpeg

Edit — photos added for records:


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As we know, N-code 1970 'verts are few and far between. Only 19 of the last 842 Polara ragtops made had that engine, only six are known, and only 5 are still on the road (three of which are owned by @polara71 @Stanj and myself).

Earlier this summer, I posted about the only four 383-4 Fury 'verts of which I then knew. Since then, I have learned of two more N-code 1970 Fury 'verts to contribute to this thread.

#5: The tag of a nicely-loaded EB3 Fury iii, PM27N0D229300 (or is it PM27N0D228300 ?), was shared kindly with me by her previous owner @antonellomopar -- he has authorized me to post it here. A photo of the car is here. The SBD was March 27, 1970:

fender tag 20210815_192346.JPG

Edit: 4 extra photos of the car added as suggested by @ceebuddy. Those photos were shared by Antonello via PM and posted with his permission too.





#6: the tag and build sheet of PM27N0D289774 were posted a few hours ago by the indefatigable @T-revorNobody -- this FF4 V3W M4F8 has a number of nice options but lacks A/C and has fewer options than her 5 Ncode sisters. With a build date of June 19, 1970, she is the last (known thus far) N-code Fury 'vert built and as such should interest C-barge :

fender tag 243663407_10221096047696585_8929183768412822118_n.jpeg

build sheet 243298942_10221096050456654_2413845652568703666_n.jpeg

Edit: photos below reposted at Ceebuddy’s request.



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CM27T0C156796 popped up for sale in Michigan a week ago. This DY3 300 ‘vert has an SBD of Nov. 4, 1969.


PS: photo of the car added as suggested by @ceebuddy below:
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Since this thread has become an inofficial registry of 1970 convertibles and because a picture says more than a thousand words (or maybe it's just that my imagination that doesn't kick in that strong when seeing a fender tag) I suggest that any posting of a new car in this thread shall be accompanied with at least one exterior shot of the respective vehicle (even though there might be a separate thread about the same car somewhere else). This would help to recall which convertible this or that was, or at least it would help me :D What do you think?
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Bumped into DL27G0D241221 (1, 2) while looking for something else. Fairly late build date, 4/21/70. There are numerous photos of this beautiful 1970 Polara convertible online (it even has its own home page), but I have yet to see one with its black top up (V3X).

Edit, 1-14-2019: I found a photo (from Carlisle 2016) of what seems to be Peter's car with its black top up.
Here is the tag of another DY3 1970 Polara 'vert for records. DL27T0D221005 sold at the Gesswein auction in July 2020 for a record $47k in July 2020 -- see here. Her SBD was March 17, 1970. Auction photos can still be found here and here -- I am posting a few below just in case that page disappears.

fender tag 72821163-770-0@2X.jpg






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So it has no a/c but a 26" radiator and core support. That must have been a wise upgrade. It also has electronic ignition that was added.

Very nice Polara it seems to me.
So it has no a/c but a 26" radiator and core support. That must have been a wise upgrade.
The 26in rad was standard with the towing package, I believe. With B41 discs and A35 tow package, this car was as close to an R//T as one could get in the Polara line.