Lets Play A Game: Last Of The Convertibles

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Nov 9, 2010
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Lets see how late they built C-body convertibles, the last of their kind! :70s_rule:

I'll go first:

Ours was built July 1st of '70 (701 on the fender tag)

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Yours must be one of the last produced.
I would think that, with the knowledge of 70 being the last of the convertibles, that more would have been ordered late in production. I would expect to see some later dates show up.
I'm willing to bet that somewhere, gawd knows where, that there was something printed about "The Last Plymouth/Dodge a/o Chrysler to roll off the line.

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The original owners of my convertible ordered it in January because they had heard it was the last year for the full size dodge convertible
Still 30ish days of production left? Could be a bunch more, this should be interesting.
My 70 Fury convertible was built way earlier. What's interesting to me is that mine was built at D factory, Belvidere. I didn't know c-body convertibles were built elsewhere.
there will be some more built.
Not neccesarily ordered ones but Chrysler had a lot of "left over" parts so they built some "sales bank" cars for sure
I tried to find a 1967 Barracuda that was earlier than mine knowing mine was very early.
All I got was another car with the same build date but TWO units behind mine also sold at the same dealer.