Looking for 383 engine BH29H9B268189

C Body Bob

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Apr 8, 2012
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Youngsville, NC
Looking for a 1969 383 engine from a 69 Plymouth Barracuda. A friend of mine purchased this car a few months ago. The car is a rare big block car & he paid top dollar for the car. The engine & 4 speed trans were removed from the car at some point & the seller couldn’t find the engine when we went back for it. The VIN # will be stamped on the block just above the oil pan rail. That # is
It was last known to be in the Franklinton/Youngsville are of NC
If you have this engine we will buy it from you or trade you out for another 69 383 we have. No questions asked. We just simply want to reunite the engine with the car. Please don’t reply or PM me unless you have this engine or know where it’s at. We have no interest in stirring the pot. We just want our engine & we will pay you for it even if it’s broke. Now with Carlisle this weekend it’s possible the engine has made it up there & may be sold. Regardless let me know if you have this engine please & what we need to do to buy it from you.