Looking to raise front end

Door gaps are not even. Your Dad was right.

It’s just not folding in the direction you probably imagined.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love this car.
Too, Dad is right about a lot of things but man you have a better eye than me- in that photo I posted I'd say the door gaps are looking pretty good...
[QUOTE="savoy64, jacking up the car makes it easier to turn the bolt---but then you have to get the car off the jack and measure according to the manual------we left the car on the ground while adjusting---it is harder-----but the jack routine will be torture too QUOTE]

tightening the jack bolt with weight on it puts a hell of a strain on the threads, (fine). It won't take much to gaul them. lowering and raising a well placed floor jack just makes it easy and protects from damage. Not a big effort.
Raising the ride height a significant amount will change the front end alignment.

Since you don't have much in formal repair shops in your area, you may need to see if you can find a YouTube video on how to do a DIY front end alignment.