My Unicorn, eh?

Its the norm up here in Canada..You know how long it took to finish my car and i did store many parts over the 12 years before final assembly,LOL!! Just a few pics that afre only the tip of the iceberg.
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I have two cars worth of parts making a mess of one storage unit, and another cars worth spread all over the second unit. A massive cleaning and organization project is planned for spring.
Scott,I have many more pics of the low miler. It took some digging but found them in my files I kept for restoratin references.
I can PM them if you need them.
I'd love them! Never get enough pictures of the '66 models, an I'd love to get as many of a Canadian model as possible.
All sent!
Surely you can hit up Ross for his library of his 440 4 speed car and pics of the 383 car he sold and is shown in the pic next to the 318 car. His has the bumper guards and he is in the drivers seat.
With the help of my main enabler, @boostedvan, I've secured a complete, solid Washington state car, a Monaco 500 in Seattle. (Wasn't I just there?) I have to wait a few weeks to arrange for transport, but I've got that all sorted out so when it's a go, I should have my car shortly after.

Too bad this car doesn't have a title, it's fairly complete, and it's exactly like the brochure ad that hooked me on the car I got in July '18, that has a white and black interior.

Pictures from the Craigslist ad.






Not having a title scared off anyone who looked at the car, which is good for me. It has parts for the 4 speed car, and a bunch of spares for the Monaco 500. I hate to cut up a good car, but unless it's better than what I have, and the one in storage has good quarters, this one will give it's life to at least two projects, and hopefully help others out with their needs.

Some pictures from the seller.




I think I need a bigger boat, I mean garage.
Fender tag.


Feb 24 Scheduled Build Date
11103 Sequence Number
DP Monaco 500
23 Hardtop
P4X Premium Vinyl Black Interior
FF1 Light Green Metallic

AB 62 383 4 bbl
C 5 727 Automatic Transmission
G 1 Unknown
K 8 Power Windows
R 2 5.5 watt AM Radio
S 1 A/C

a 3 Bucket Seats
b 5 Console
d 6 Unknown
h 7 Fender Turn Signal Indicators
j 4 Lower Sill Mouldings
p 6 Drivers Remote Mirror
Hmmm... an AC equipped 4 speed car perhaps? You've got everything tk do it but the Fury AC dash (fairly easy to find)...
I ditch the air usually, but I'm keeping it with the Monaco 500 I already have. I'm sure I'll have the windows down in the 4 speed when I drive the car.
The car gets to make a trip to, the Canadian border. :BangHead: It's a seven hours trip one way.

I spaced the fact I was supposed to go right back to the border and have them check the car on the US side. Not the end of the world, just a pain in the *** I made for myself. I'll stop by my buddies place where I hunt, and probably swing by @Polara_500 since I'll be wasting at least a day to get the car checked.

A lesson learned the hard way. But I will finally get to International Falls, so there's a positive.
Just a couple of parts that aren't correct that I've noticed so far.

Radiator - it's got a 2898058 from a '68 C body 383 Auto. Needs a 2852959.

Carb - it's got a Carter 4131s, correct for '66 but for an Auto as well. I've already spoken to @Dana about the carb.

I'll crawl under the car later today and take the starter off to see the build date on the engine, and figure out that part of the equation. @Ripinator has an engine if needed.

So more inspection later today.