Nos power antenna question


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May 24, 2018
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shepherdsville kentucky
I bought a decent size load of nos stuff over the weekend and was digging through the boxes and found this power antenna, but have no idea what it fits. Of course the part number is gone from the box, directions in the box and pretty general as far not listing a certain model. My question is can you guys tell what this fits, try to do a good search and it looked late 60's c-body, but I could be wrong. Just want to know what it fits before I list it on here for sale. Thanks guys.
How about a close-up of the top where the mast comes out?
That looks to have a 12” mast, I have one as well that I bought from Graham while back for my 77 NYB.. it’s 12” mast, so too short for 74-78 Formals.. Formals need a 16” mast to clear the fender brace and blower motor tucked behind the inner fender well.. just my 2 cents.
I have a 67 imperial and Im pretty sure thats the antenna. The ariel for some reason is missing out of the tube. Do you still have it for sale?
I will get the old one out today and measure it but it looks correct Ill let you know as soon as I confirm it
From the part number on the wire pig tail, I'd say late '70's/early /'80's.