Pics of 69-73 C bodies

I drive mine all the time in the rain during the winters here. It always cleans up nicely after. My only complaint is no intermittent wipers and the long reach to the switch on the dash.
I don't understand the 'thing' about the wrong roofline. That's a roofline that I seem to remember and I have no problem with it - even can go so far as to say I like it. Maybe someone can refresh my memory?
cars were buillt to be driven.
I don't drive them when there is salt on the road.
Despite that: Drive them and burn as much fuel as you can as long as we are all still allowed to do it.

They don't belong in the rain, Unless they get caught out there. If they belonged in the rain we wouldn't have garages.
My 71 fury 3......


Was in the nation's capital today and took a morning pic to celebrate the occasion. I had barely parked the car that tourists started taking selfies :)


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Passed a parked 1968 Lincoln Continental this morning. The Lincoln may not look completely original, but I like it. Nice contrast of colors with my Polara. Enjoy!

red IMG_9970.JPG

red IMG_3843.JPG
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Here is a photo of my car at its (and my) first Carlisle show this afternoon. It is in august company: parked next to it are Dave's '71, and his dad's new-to-him wagon. Rip's '66 red 300 can be seen a bit further down.

I think no one would mind if I post some pics of my (soon to be) 73 Imperial here. Am I right?

5 032.jpg

5 033.jpg

5 034.jpg

5 035.jpg