Power windows issue


Aug 7, 2017
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Versailles, France
Hi folks,
Considering my old 1974 Fury Gran Sedan (4 door hardtop), here is my last trouble. Yesterday, the driver side window broke down again. Not electrical, it's (again) a mechanical failure. The pinions broke again, the window gets down, but does not lift up without hand help. I've already replaced the pinions once, this is such a pain in the a.. to replace them, awfull.:BangHead:
So my question is. I'm looking for a modern electric system swap. I've seen many of them for FLAT windows tracks, but none for CURVED windows tracks. Does it only exists? Has anybody ever made such a conversion? Do you all guys run you original electric systems (motors, regulators, tracks and so on)?
I feel desperate with my old electric windows sets, please help me!
Thanks guys!
Pinions...do you mean the pucks in the gear head of the motor? If so, use steel nuts as per the repair thread I did and you never have to do the repair again. You also will not have to consider some other modification.
Yes Sir, I'm talking about the gears (thanks for the correct word).
Well, I just had a very quick look at the thread you posted a few years ago, It seems greatly documented. I already dismanteled the assembly to replace the gears 6 or 7 years ago, it was very hard to do.
Well, do you have any links for metal gears? I already have plastic ones, but I am very interrested in metal ones.
They do not make a complete metal gear for Chryslers. Your problem is probably old grease in the tracks and runners. When you get the window apart, remove the glass, and give a liberal coat of grease on everything that moves.
I've already done it Driver's side moves correctly and quickly, the 3 others are very slow, even when going down