Removal of Lower Front Shock Bolt and Nut 1966 Fury III

Dec 19, 2022
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Littleton CO
Trying not to be careless here...
I am installing new front shocks on my 1966 Fury III. Beginning with Lower Front Shock Bolt and am meeting a bolt removal resistance that seems similar to a keyed bolt or welded nut. Rust does not seem to be a factor. I can apply more force, however, if the bolt and nut are keyed, fixed or welded in any way my application of force will lead to damaged hard to replace parts as well as a period of down time. I am wondering if any of you who have done this normally simple task on a similar car, if there is any 'tricks' to it on this model. Example of knowledge is power... one side of the car has reverse thread lugs...good to know BEFORE proceeding with a simple wheel and tire removal. ;)

Thanks in advance for any Help.
lower shock bolt.jpg
The lower shock bolt is never keyed. A lot of the time the nut threads can be stuck to the bolt. Hit the nut with some "break free" or a similar penetrating oil. Those bolts are usually good metal so it is not likely that it would twist off. You will probably need to attach a box wrench to the bolt head as they will usually turn in the LCA.

Something I've also seen is the bolt seizing to the metal part of the shock bushing. Once you get the nut off, you might have to tap the bolt out with a hammer... Screw an old nut (not the one you are using) on the bolt so you don't screw up the threads.