Slabs galore


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Aug 11, 2019
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Salem oregon
Went to the Nationals at Woodburn yesterday.
There was a strong contingency of C bodies and all that I seen were slabs. The only Fuselage I seen was the one I drove. My camera is smoked so no pics but that was the most I have seen at once as I have never been to a big show.
They were all good too. I don't know if there were any FCBO guys but a few that really stuck out were two 66 Newport hard tops. My personal favorite slab. Even over the 300. One was red with a 4 speed. Had a bag of tools and a ballpeen hammer on the bare steel floor. I was in love. The green one was mint. Two 65 300's one convertible letter car brought back from purgatory and it was outstanding. A 66 Newp 4 door hardtop and I think more. Wish my camera was working because my memory sucks.
But I deleted some peoples birthdays so I could remember the 4spd Newp.