So I bought this one today.

Damn shame this one got hit. In case you all don’t remember this was a Mobile Director. Pretty kool though that a good part of what remains will save another very rare Mobile Director.
Indoors for the first time in many years. The convertible went to its new caretaker which freed up some much needed space in my shop last weekend so it’s time to start dismantling this one.
YM23K73253310 was a Mobile Director that was totaled on June 15, 2004 when a joy riding 14 year old kid plowed into it while it was parked with the family suburban.:BangHead:
@SGT FURY knew the car back then and said it was very nice so what a huge bummer. The complete interior was sold off to someone with plans to put it into a convertible which would be neat to see. I guess it’s somewhere in the northwest coast region.
Also neat is that parts of it will live on to help save another Director.:thankyou:
So I did try to start this car before I moved it into the shop and all I got was some sputtering and a monumental backfire through the carb so I pulled the valve covers to find 3 stuck valves and 4 bent pushrods. I was able get 2 of the 3 valves to move with a few light blows of a hammer and a block of wood but that 3rd one would only open further and not retract. I knew right then and there that these heads were not going to be usable without a rebuild so I bought a set of take-offs that another member posted up the same day. The new heads are 516s with bigger exhaust valves and some bowl work already done so I’m really looking forward to running them.
I discovered the rest of the engine has been gone through at some point, it’s .030 over and has a replacement timing set on it but it still had the original style lifters and pushrods which I thought was interesting. Anyway it’s going to get a new cam and well everything else before it goes into Ruby.

Took about an hour at the end of my day and separated the stub from the body. It came apart very easily.:thumbsup:
Definitely save the power booster.... Places like Dewey do not have cores for that unit..
Definitely save the power booster.... Places like Dewey do not have cores for that unit..
Hopefully one of the 2 in the Directors is good but I will certainly send one to them for a rebuild regardless as a spare ready to go. The silver car will eventually need it.
This is the Lunati cam I’ve chosen.:)

Cam and Lifters, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 256/262, Lift .454/.475, Mopar, Big Block, Kit.
Hopefully another day or 2 and this won’t be taking up a whole spot.
I hope you're saving that passenger rust free looking.
I hope you're saving that passenger rust free looking.
I will be using what’s needed from it on Ruby and some of it will go to the gentleman that bought the convertible to fix some old collision repair.:thumbsup: