The best way to patch and seal a hole in vinyl roof


May 7, 2015
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Quebec, QC
Hi guys!
I'm restarting a '69 300 that has been stored in a barn for 30 years and I would like to protect it as best as possible while it's dry before it sees the rain again


There is only one hole in the vinyl roof...


I wonder about the best method to adopt to repair it and seal it in the least ugly and more efficient way possible...
The vinyl is peeled off (I don't know how to tell it in english sorry) the metal for several inches around the hole, I thought I would make a clean and straight incision to expose the peeled part, clean the metal as best as possible and apply some (specialized) glue to re-stick the vinyl, and seal the opening with silicone or other stuff

At least the sheet metal looks healthy and free of rust underneath, which is surprising

Has anyone ever done this? Is there a better method? Give me your opinion and advice please!
My opinion is if the metal has only minor rust starting (lay in the trunk and look up at bottom side), take a small car model brush and apply a rust convertor or rusty metal black paint. Reach as far as the roof has lifted. Let it dry and apply some good 3M trim adhesive on the metal area and compress the vinyl to lay flat. After drying check how much of a gap in the ripped area there is. There was some vinyl repair products out there that have tools to replicate the graining pattern.
The best way to repair your roof is to take an impression of the texture of the roof with modeling clay, cut a circle around the tear, lay just the right amount of non shiny rtv just proud of the vinyl top then lay the modeling clay over the top to give you the correct texture leave for a day or so to cure remove modeling clay and you should have a waterproof repair! Do a trial run before hand to get your technique down! It also works for cracks in dashboard covers!