Your thoughts on paint color change 1966 Imperial convertible

Just looking for honest opinions on a color change for a 1966 imperial convertible, it is currently the original gold dust Gold, and it is a Shreiner car, i could live with that color easy but i like some of the other colors it came in that year, i have always kept all my classics as original as possible, and this car is no exception , and i realize there are not a lot of these left , what are your thoughts on the change in the value or turn off of the car if i went that route, this might be the first time i've considered doing this, thinking Black, or a even saw a photo online of a Dark blue, i have time to think about this because it will be a year or so for this to even start to happen, i may even try and save the original paint , but the small rust specs concern me a little, Thoughts

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i have seen a shriner car with a different exterior color but I personally would want it to remain as the shriner cars were since I studied them extensively over the last 20 years+ however, it is your car so you can do as you choose. I almost bought one of these a couple years ago from Marty who lived in TX and no longer wanted his.
If you change exterior color, what are you planning to do with the one off gold / black leather seats that only came in the Shriner editions Your exterior choices are more limited unless you completely redo the interior to new colors also.