1966 Newport BB to Magnum swap HELP


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Oct 16, 2014
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wichita, kansas
I have a 1966 chrysler newport that has been sitting in the driveway for 6 years (unfortunately) due to its 383 finally giving way.

I have thought about so many different engine / transmission swaps and even picked up a 74' 400 to rebuild and replace the tired 383 as I saved it on the shelf, but I also love the magnum platform.

A used Magnum 5.9 / smallblock 727 is about 2500 dollars cheaper than just rebuilding one of the big blocks I have laying around, so my question is -

What do I need to do to convert to the magnum platform if I was indeed going to put a smallblock 727 behind it? I just want the car back on the road. No drag racing, MPG would be a nice consideration, but also a PITA

I've considered a 5.7 / smallblock 727 setup, but for economical ($$$) purposes (and reliability) I'm leaning towards the 5.9 magnum swap.

Is it as easy as new mounts / relocation? / exhaust?

Thank you all in advance. Never done a swap like this before
You will need motor mount’s that adapt the Magnum engine mounts to the stub frame mounts, exhaust, wiring, cooling changes and you may need to swap the oil pan and pickup for C Body pan and pickup from a 360. Let us know how the swap goes.
Putting a 5.9 Magnum in a big old c-body has kind of been my dream swap. I'm anxious to hear about the results!
Try the fuselage forum, I recall an early 70s dodge polara maybe with a 5.9 mag with o/d trans swapped in
Pfffttt. At this point, a 5.7 Hemi will be a better choice.
Not for the goals he stated. The hemi adds a bunch of complexity and perhaps $1000 of hard-parts to bolt it in.
Then you either need an EFI kit or $1500 to make it run with a carb. The ign module/kit and intake are easily $750 each.

As for a Magnum, I would almost recommend a 5.2 as it is internally-balanced and fewer details to consider (such as, the 360 and 5.9 DON'T share the same balance parts).
Balance affects the flexplate or torque converter and also the FEAD. Later 5.9s have the damper/balancer as integral to the lower serpentine pulley (another detail to watch).