NOT MINE 1970 Fury GT

If a buyer wanted a/c why not just add it later
Firewall, dash & core support are different for AC cars (along with tinted glass standard) if you want the OEM look. Aftermarket AC setups look wayy out of place.

Pretty much adding AC to an already done car is a hack affair.

Regardless, non AC cars simply are better (regarding old cars). Less clutter, simpler to work on, parts availability down the road?
Or, if you are a member of one of the many thousands of groups and you actually monitor everyone of the sites every day a person might actually run across what they want.
It is very helpful when members here post cars for sale. That is a huge benefit to this single website. It's members.
You're not kidding about the groups. There must be 20 different groups that are C-body related, and so much overlap in them, too.

I joined FB about 6 mos ago so that I could sell household crap to locals. I joined a C-body group thinking that's where the action is, that FB is displacing webforums.
There's no organization to it, it's like running a newspaper thru a shredder and then trying to find the sports section.
Although there are a few veterans on there, that I recognize from here - most of the posts are amateur-hour by folks that don't know squat about C-bodies.

And the helpful replies aren't much better. I saw a guy say that metal contracts when it gets hot. The old Yahoo groups were more useful.

So to join all those other C-body groups? No thanks.