68 300 power windows issue


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Dec 31, 2017
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the sticks
im working on restoring a 68 300 that has power windows I’m having a issue with drivers side window ..window will intermittently go up for a couple inches and then stop and does the same on a attempt to bring it down when the button is pushed in the corresponding direction after bringing the button back to center and the pushing it again the window will go up/down couple more eventually the window will complete a cycle ..is this a bad control issue or something else further in
Any input would greatly be appreciated

Thank you :)
Sounds like the internal breaker in the motor itself is popping off - motor is tired. Replace the motor, and while you're at it, lubricate the tracks and lift assembly.
To me this sounds like you have worn, or unlubricated parts. I just repaired a similar issue on my 300. Window had probably not been rolled down for 50 years, all the grease was rock hard.
You do have three little cams inside the gear motor that are designed to wear out, if your window is binding, they will stress and jam the regulator.
Try spraying some rust penetrant over everything, and then see if the window works better, on mine I had to disassemble and lube everything.
Thank you both for quick response I have little knowledge when it comes to power windows .ill keep you updated :thumbsup::thankyou:
I assume with the Dorman 742-300 and 742-301, one part # is for the driver side and the other is passenger side, but which is which? Summit's description doesn't help :p