Air blower removal issue (74 Fury Gran Sedan)

If the blower motor is bad. The car must be jacked up, tire removed, inner fender removed, brace removed in order to access and replace blower motor.

Taking the hood off makes it easier.
I would make sure the blower resistor is good before replacing the blower motor. It is mounted on the blower assembly under the dash on the passenger side.

Sébastien! Are you alright/Est-ce que tu vas bien? France is also having her share of trouble.
Any updates??
Hi @PeugFra and @cbarge ! Yes thank you, I'm allright, perfectly allright. I did not received the alerts, so I read your messages only right now. I've been working on my car, with good results, I'll post upadtes very soon! :D:D
Update for the blower removal.
I finally managed to remove it :D, after jacking the car, removing wheel and inner fender, and all the stuff attached to different places. One hour and a half of work. Well, now the blower motor is removed, it did turn freely when removed, but now it does not anymore. I loosened the two nuts and freed a little the cover, and, when re-tightening the two nuts, it does not turn freely. Anyway, I'm gonna purchase a new one, it's only $28 or 30 @Rockauto.
But now, my problem is that I did not remove the motor resistor, and it seems to be bolted at the back of the blower motor housing. I won't try to check it, as I don't have time (and sure don't want!) to remove all the stuff again :BangHead:… Anybody should have a part number for the resistor? I can't find it at Rockauto.
Or anybody should tell me where I can find a new one? I think this should not be very expensive :thankyou:
Another trivia fact : the blower motor model is the one for air-cond equiped cars, but my car does not have air-cond :realcrazy::D
Actually I was hoping for a picture of the fender tag ...