Hello From Detroit

Feb 12, 2023
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New Baltimore, MI
Hello, my name is Tim and I live about 20 minutes northeast of Detroit. we had a 69 Fury when I was a kid, a Dodge a100, and a Dodge dart. Well, I've had the Dodge a100 for 23 years, and decided it is time to move on and sell the a100. While in Florida last week, I purchased a 1969 Fury convertible from a very nice old man. it isn't perfect but it's pretty nice, and has only been driven 500 miles in the last 30 years. That can be a double-edged sword that I will soon find out. anyway, the car is being shipped home within the next couple weeks, I'll be selling the Dodge a100, and we'll have lots of questions about these boats. I look forward to meeting some of you.





Welcome fellow Michigander!
Welcome Tim!

Congratulation to the purchase of the Fury Convertible. It's a very nice looking car and I hope you wouldn't find to many problems.
It depends on how it's been preseved, but hoses, brakes/breaklines and fuelsystem with tank have usual to be fixed after such a long time.
Good luck!
Welcome from Troy, heres my 69 SF convertible.What town or city are you in? You have to be close.

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sorry, I see new baltimore.Nice Fury!! Hope to see our cars together some day. Mark
Welcome from North Dakota.
Let’s see some pics of your a100
Welcome! My girlfriend and I have a 69 F3 hardtop. Ours was built in October 1968..no headrests.
Your car was built after January 1st 1969 as it has the federally mandated headrests.


I too have a 69 Fury III vert - Shamu.
I have dug into the heating and air conditioning controls, and a few other sundry things.

Here’s a picture of my mom and fiancé after a ride. May you have similar enjoyment from your vehicle!

Hey, that's an awesome car, 3175375. I may be hitting you up on the HVAC stuff. Mine has A/C, and Nothing and I mean NOTHING works. Gotta dig into that.
Hi from another SE Michigan member, I'm in Plymouth!

Fullsize convertibles are awesome, that's a great find.