Wollfen's 1971 Sport Fury GT !

My apologies for the delay guys. I had to do a workaround with my camera software to get the photos to post. But here are the 1971 Sport Fury ralley wheel center caps that I have available. Two of the four are near perfect except for some paint touch up needed, the third one has a very slight ding on the circumference of the cap, and the fourth one has some damage in one of the stud holes, but it isn't noticeable all that much when looking straight on the cap but maybe it could be repaired to look like the others. Here are some photos of them. None of them has any pits on the exterior. Numbers 1&2 are the very nice caps. Number 3 has a very slight ding on the lower right edge in the photo. Number 4 is the worst one, as it has some damage as seen in the area of one of the holes where the wheel stud protrudes. The damage isn't all that noticeable when looking straight on the cap, but personally, I would want to try and fix it if it were me. For those that are interested, go ahead and send me some offers for them.

100_8705.jpg Number 1: 100_8706.jpg100_8707.jpg Number 2:100_8709.jpg100_8710.jpg Number 3:100_8712.jpg100_8713.jpg Number 4:100_8716.jpg100_8717.jpg100_8718.jpg










I'm thinking that the warranty on the Cooper GT's is irrelevant for the miles you're going to put on them and that deep down you really want the BF Goodrich's, but don't want to spend the extra money.

Go with the BF Goodrich T/A. :poke:
Does it slow down the aging process if they are in dry storage and barely ever see daylight? I plan on putting on some Cooper Cobra tires I got with some rims a few years back, they still have the stickers on them.
Sunlight does set tires off faster so yes it will help to keep them in the dark, but it wont save them from becoming brittle eventually. Something to do with the Sulfur molecules lining up into strings over time making the tire break down easier.
So anyway, back to the car, I got this purdy unit, i figure the clutch on the front of it can be used in the car with the old fan.