67-68 Fury Picture thread

1968 Plymouth Fury III 2dr HT 3 speed on the column $2,000 (Alto GA).002.LRG.jpg

Being naughty this morning and nicking pics off of FB for those that don't want to go there to enjoy. (don't blame ya)

1968 Plymouth Fury III Fastop Grn.Blk.001.jpg

How much?

I probably sud'da done a not mine for sale listing but I don't think it will last long.
Here's a link and some more basic info.
1968 Plymouth sport fury Fast Top $16,850 in Shreve, OH

Listed 21 hours ago (8 Shares in AMERICAN MOPAR MUSCLE & SWAP MEET public group)

Not much chatter about it other than the pie tin is wrong, and other members sharing the post.

07-08-21 (edit) It's now up on Craigslist, I'm not going to post it up something about the seller answering questions on FB that irk'ed me, plus I don't think it needs any promotion here. Oh yea FB has a running video, very lumpy, lumpy, loppy, loppy, cammy, cammy, (plus exhaust leak) sound if your into that, says he's never driven it very far when someone asked if it would do the long haul after it was purchased, also I don't believe the mileage at all.
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