67-68 Fury Picture thread

My 1968 Sport fury was bought by a old man he had a Plymouth GTX and he had bought the fury for his wife I found a old oil change sticker in the driver side door frame by the fender with a garage name and a phone number that was missing one digit out of the last four numbers I googled the name and number and it pulled the numbers up and the name of the business I called it and talked to a old man he told me his garage was closed for the past 30 years and that he just kept the number as his home phone number I told him how I found his number and asked if he remembered the car he said he did and I believed him after he told me the old lady's name In the owners manual In the glove box is a old oil change recipe with her name signed up at the top of it he said that she drove the car from work and back but she would never kick the choke off and she would drive it that way and it would load up all the time and she would bring it in a lot to be serviced new plugs and oil he said that she worked about 6 blocks from where she lived and that the miles on the car are true that she had the car pretty much it's hole life she worked at a post office as the clerk it was so cool to get the back story about the car and I thanked him so much for taking the time to talk to me about it I feel a connection to the car that can't be described after hearing the story I feel like I'm the new caretaker of this car and I love it everyday I grew up a Mopar man my dad and mom always had one I am 40 now and will never forget how fun it was to ride in them and now I have one to in joy every day it's nice out

I must be going senile or mad as I'm now posting pictures of wagons. (your fault forum :poke:)

1968 Plymouth Fury III Custom Suburban 318 auto.001.jpg
1968 Plymouth Fury III Custom Suburban 318 auto.002.jpg
1968 Plymouth Fury III Custom Suburban 318 auto.003.jpg
1968 Plymouth Fury III Custom Suburban 318 auto.005.jpg
1968 Plymouth Fury III Custom Suburban 318 auto.006.jpg

Like the rightside bumpersticker!
Here’s the one I helped get over to Europe. No dash no steering wheel great solid car. It’s running around over there now so it’s a success story. Couple of grand locked it up...