Dodge 880 questions and performance

Several things 1) The name of the movie was "it's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." 2) I am old enough to remember these pre- 65 Mopars. If driven reasonably sanely (which most people do anyway) they were utterly reliable and great handling cars in stock form. For the observant members among you, my picture is of the 64 Imperial I owned for over 20 years. No matter how long it sat - just put a battery to it and it started. It handled extremely well and its huge drum brake set up with vented wheels stopped this 5100 lb car with ease. What I am saying is why not just set up the suspension to stock (wagons were always more HD than other body styles) redo the brakes, go through the cooling system, add new shocks and just enjoy the vehicle the way it was intended. It is not a race car or some stupid modern car that is designed to run a race course It is an American cruiser.
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Hey now, this common sense approach is not fashionable these days. We have to have all the latest and greatest tricks in the car to deem it “worthwhile”
IF you measure "road feel" by "lowered boost levels", it would do that, BUT would make driving the car more iike a manual-steer car but with a faster steering ratio. Besides, finding a 6-cyl pump can be nearly impossible at this point in time. BEST to learn how the car is supposed to feel and adjust to the EASE with which it drives. "Euro" power steering feel is not in the Chrysler DNA back then, unless you get the steering gear (which is really where "road feel" happens) rebuilt to that spec.

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