My new arrival!

Gotta love this interior!
Canadian factree built, she was born with the Plymouth Sport Fury interior..




She is a good running driving car that looks good inside and out.
Just want to take her up to the next level for shows.
Thats it for now until my next update!

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Btw, did you so a post or video on replacing tge tilt/ tele turn signal switch? Pm me a link if so.. Cheers!
I posted this thread Turn Signal Repair

But the repair didn’t work. I have not found the time to go back into the column for round two, but I do have more confidence than I did the first time.

You’ll definitely want to procure a steering wheel puller/compression tool kit if you don’t already have one. And also doctor up a bolt to hold the telescopic piece in place after you remove the lock ring. You can see the bolt in the post above. I had a bolt that fit from my ‘bucket o bolts’ To which I ground the head down the fit inside the compression tool rod.
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Here is the CertiCard.
No original owner's name.
Looks like is was cleaned up as it is shiny with a hint of Turquoise overspray..

Took this week off to play with the cars.
I traced back the brake light issue and confirned the TS swich is FUBAR
Wires gave been hacked and a jumper wire failed attempt was discovered.