New period correct plate made for my ex=squad

Pete Kaczmarski

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Oct 11, 2012
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Waupun WI.
I have been researching on my '70 Fury III ex-Washington State Patrol car, what the plate would have looked like, etc. In Wisconsin, you can put the year of manufacture plate on the front of your car and the state-issued Collector plate on the back of the car. On one of the Facebook site a man had one made for his Nova ex-squad through a vendor on eBay. I sent him a picture of what I wanted and got it today for a little over $20. Below is the plate. It is not embossed. It reflects the State item ID number tag found on my driver's door frame.

I have a couple examples. A 70 Fury would have the 1968 Green and White base plate with either no tabs or an exempt tag on it.

I purposely added the year in the upper right as our state allows this to be used in the front of the car instead of the collector plate. It must be a plate issued when the car was new. That is why I added the "70" year to minimize confusion by law enforcement.