Vinyl roof idea.


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Jan 28, 2015
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Duncan, BC
I am sending my Royal Monaco Brougham in for a new vinyl top pretty soon, but I've got a bit of a dilemma. I like the car stock but I had another idea, what does you guys think about Gator grain instead of the factory black vinyl?
If you are mostly continueing with the car as "stock" form than keep the factory black vinyl. If not do as you please.
Your car appears to be in nice original condition why mess with that? If it were a custom build I'd say go for it, but its your car do as you see fit.
Its a bit of a resto-mod I'm not keeping it 100% stock. Basically I'm only making improvements in the suspension, brakes, engine, and driveline. I was only thinking of a stock black top but then I had someone mention the Gator Grain. His idea made me wonder, but I just can't picture it, I thought it might look kinda goofy and your guys responses confirmed what I was already thinking.
while not a formal you get the idea

I'm not generally a fan of vinyl tops, but I like the idea of gator grain in your case. If you're keeping it visually stock but changing some engine and suspension stuff that won't show, that can be the visual cue that gives it away as a sleeper.

Someone who knows Mopars and sees it run hard will say, "hey, I thought it looked a bit different."

edited to add:
Never thought of it before, but maybe I'll do that with my Imperial when I rebuild and repaint. I like the idea of having only a single visual non-stock cue.

I think the Gator grain adds a bit of "POP" to it and is not too over the top. Just think about it !! If you were ordering this car from the factory brand new' and that option was available would you check the box off and get it ??? :yaayy:
I like the Impala with the duct tape.
Gator grain Comes in as a Close second to the duct tape. It Looks like a weathered regular Vinyl top in my eyes at least but I don't like Vinyl tops in the first place.
The gator grain would be interesting, Sounds like a win-win situation. Being the purest I am I would stick to original. But it sounds cool.
I'm for the gator grain on your car. That'll give it a unique look and not be goofy.

Besides, if one day I end up with your car, I'd dig that top treatment!
I'm torn I do love the look of the Gator top, I'm just worried the brownish color might look odd with the rest of the car being all black. Might have to give this one some serious thought.
When I start on my other Polara I am not sticking to original on interior and paint, I'm going to stay true to the era on what could have been. Not just a different color from 69 but rather a color that didn't exist then but looks like it could.

Putting a different vinyl top on than what these car had is totaly in my way of thinking, the crazy part is people will sware thay had one just like it back then.

Your car, enjoy!

Putting a different vinyl top on than what these car had is totaly in my way of thinking, the crazy part is people will sware thay had one just like it back then.


Which is the opposite reason for why I wanted the Mexican-market Coronet that was for sale here last year: I would have loved to hear people try and insist that it wasn't factory.