67-68 Fury Picture thread

I just had a little more time and a re-look at this one as I was checking my FB bookmarks to see what had been SOLD/deleted or was still active. I saw this one advertised quite awhile ago up in the Chicago area but didn't pay much attention to it being a plain Jane 4dr sedan, on the re-look AD stated it has a 318 engine that was "Pulled motor due to knocking".... BUT it's a 3spd on the tree which may interest someone. I may put up a 'NOT MINE' on this on if there is interest.

Fresh 4th Holiday find.


Weird. Is all that on the roof for displaying the coffin on the roof? What's with the long grab irons on the sides and rear?
Ummm I'm not sure about Belgium but in the UK especially Ireland the grab rails are for (I guess) the pall bearers to hold on and walk along with the slow moving hearse I guess to feel attached to the deceased(?)

Maybe to hold flowers too, seen in some countries that the hearse is a pile of flowers and some even have a flower car also following, depends on how popular or how big a family the deceased has.


This one will be coming home soon. Fury III VIP. Big block, four barrel. I’ll post fender tag pictures when I get it home. It’s likely a parts car.
1967 Plymouth Fury I police car 440, A-C

1967 Plymouth Fury I police car 440, A-C.jpg

Interesting part of this FB post for another photo this poster had, "The rancher said... He also has a 68 Fury II, two door post with three-on-the-tree and a 318 that his dad bought new."