'73 440 adjusting idle Speed

Our California state taxes along with federal taxes are nothing to sneeze at either. The best price I can find currently in my area is $4.70/Gal.
Yes, I think our taxes are the highest in the county, but they still are nowhere near 3 bucks a gallon. Everything is relative, but I'll take California's tax over anything in Europe.
Getting back on this...

Could someone explain it to me? In the carter manual it's shown but the picture is pretty bad and I can't see it.
Take a look at the attached pic.

Orange is the curb idle speed. Turn clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease. The car has to be at operating temperature and the choke is fully open.

Green is the "fast idle" or the idle speed when the car is warming up and the choke is on.

Blue screws are your idle mixture screws. Leave them alone.

I drove to work today with the NY and checked the linkage because the car was idling to fast again. The bracket (?) dann should touch the curb idle screw dosen't move it's way back to the screw. I pressed it very slightly with my finger and i returnd to the screw and the idle went down to (just hearing) 7-850 rpm.

Seem like the Carb needs some lubrication.

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You are having a problem with the choke and fast idle not working correctly. In other words, the choke is not fully opening and that is holding the fast idle cam up and making it idle fast.

Possible causes are:
Throttle cable not adjusted correctly
Weak return spring
Speed control cable not adjusted correctly
Transmission throttle linkage adjusted incorrectly (referred to as "kickdown" linkage by many)
Bad vacuum pull-off (most likely cause)
Choke adjusted incorrectly (2nd most likely)

There's probably more that I'm not thinking of..... Do you know if the exhaust crossover in the manifold is blocked off? Some do that and then never compensate for the lack of heat not allowing the choke to fully open.
I can say that Carb and Valley Pan seem to be never removed. The car is a mostly untouched survivor.
So I can't imagine that it is blocked.
Actually I haven't that much time (work). But I will carefully check every point you listed!!!

I took of the Air inlet cover and as you mention it: the marked part wasn't in an fully upright position. It moved to stand upright when I slightly pressed the linkage outside with my finger.

I used a random picture of the carb, this I engine of and cold position.

AND I found this sling in the engine bay not knowing where to put it (hold on fot a pic).

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Lubricated the carb today and took a look at the automatic speed control. It's to tight and the red spring in the Video is to weak. I added the small spring inside the big one again (found it over there) an then disconnected the aut. speed control. Now the carb is able to go down to curb idle and I can adjust it (when it stops raining...).

So next step: adjust the speed control.
Uhhhhhh 6,19 mpg (38L/100km). Pretty bad XD.
Filled it up today after checking the carb. Already runs in lower rpm (hot with D ~550-600 from hearing). Runs very smooth.
So. Got it. After the alternator passed away yesterday I used the one I found in the trunk (Reman Alternator 7544 c). 78 Amp?

But to be sure I ordered another one and a control unit from RA (AC Delco).

Now I have it on 12,5 mpg which is pretty ok for the way I drove it.

Now the starter starts to make some trouble, but I have a new one already waiting in the basement...

I'am very thankful for your advices, ideas and tips:)!
My friend -who was driving my Opel commodore in back of me- told me that ther comes blue smoke especially from the right bank when I took my foot from the Accelerator. So valve stem seals are the next project to go on.

Is this a big deal? Never did it one a Mopar. Did it on my German veteran car with head mounted, was no big issue.