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1966 sport fury

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Jun 28, 2017
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clinton TN
after being gone for a while I am back with another Chrysler. This car was my late aunt's mothers car. The last time it was on the road was 1995. I have tried to buy it for years. My uncle passed away and the grand daughter gave it to me 1961 Chrysler New Yorker with a 413 engine. Is it a c body or what. Not sure. needs a starter and starter relay then going to try and start it. Needs tank and brake work. Super clean with little rust in the trunk





Congrats on getting the family heirloom.
You sure the engine is not stuck?
If I remember correctly, the gear reduction starter will not fit.
You may end up rebuilding the original starter.
61 first also first year for alernator vs. 1960 generator.
The New Yorker rode on a longer wheelbase compared to the Newport.
Pull the spark plugs, put a little oil in the cylinders and try to rotate engine using the crankshaft bolt.
Neat that your dreams are coming true. It'll be great when cleaned up and running again.

Congrats! And welcome back.
C-body started in 1965. Your 1961 is unibody, but unsure of platform designation.
Acorns in the intake are obligatory. Where I live, if I let a car sit for 2 weeks in the fall, acorns appear. Carports do not deter squirrels.
Congratulations on your new / in the family toy….

The starter you will have to have rebuilt —- it is the PRE - reduction gear starter…. I have the Starter Relays in top quality / still gold cadmium —- for both Manual / Stick and Automatic —- they are very different….

I also have all the Brakes for you —- the Master Cylinder, All six
(6) Wheel Cylinders , the Brake Hoses, *** Asbestos *** Brake Shoes, and a whooooooole lot more…..

P.M. me, as per forum rules, when you are set to dig in… I will give you a squeezed numbers package deal….
All new fresh stock, No Cores Required, No Return Shipping !!!

Good things come to those who wait.... They wouldn't sell it to you, but ow it's a gift! I'd take it!

I see it wasn't a California car: no PCV.

Hope you get it to run and have some fun with it!
I already pulled the plugs and oiled it good. I turned it over a full rotation with a breaker bar. The water pump is froze. I am going to pull the starter and take it to a local rebuilder and see what he can do with it. Craig I will get with you for sure, thanks