I have a confession to make…

same with mine. I can only chose between desert heat storm or nothing at all ..
I would rather have all the heat this time of year. There will be plenty of time to fix it. There will be plenty of cruising with the windows down too.
The gas tank started leaking and the muffler blew out, both will be getting fixed this weekend. The Fury will also be getting some work done.
So the Waldron exhaust is ok. I’m not happy with the construction of the tailpipe. It is not bent correctly at the tip and the resonator and over axle pipe being separate makes
I got the blue LEDs out of the dash. They were washing out the white letters on the dashboard.

So the Waldron exhaust is decent but not perfect. I am not thrilled with the tailpipe since it is not bent correctly and hangs too low and is a two-piece design. Last pic is of my green 72 with an NOS tailpipe.



The old exhaust was cobbled together and the muffler didn’t survive the journey home. It split halfway back. The Waldron y-pipe will be installed with the oil pan and rear main reseal job.


I replaced the fuel tank and will be replacing the sending unit. The sock fell off, and the locking ring is loose. I need to replace the lines to the vapor separator.

My parents with Penny as we are driving around a couple Sundays ago. 14.5 mpg with 225 miles. That’s a 125 mile mostly highway trip and 100 miles in a week of driving to work and back.

I picked up an Auto Temp II tester last night and hopefully with my R12 machine can now do full A/C diagnosis and repair on my cars. They all have A/C so this is huge.

On a side note I want to build a shop for these cars and have a fully operational dealership style service area so I can make repairs easily.

So I got the car up on the lift and got the y-pipe off, steering loose and the oil pan off. Finishing the rear main tomorrow and I found the heat riser is totally missing. Great! Ugh.
I have removed at least a 50 ft of unnecessary overlays to control the blower motor and to override the factory radio. I am starting to put the car back to 100% stock configuration. Unfortunately there is A LOT of damage to repair.