Just Bought A Carburetor Shop

Been in the works since march, finally closed the deal a month ago. Woodruff carburetor has been in business in Youngstown Ohio for aprox. 30 yrs. I stopped by to see the owner whom I've known for 20 yrs. He said due to health reasons he was selling out to a shop in Detroit. And that they would consume him, taking his assets and customers and Woodruff carb would be no more. So after a few days of consideration I drove back up and told him That I would like to buy it and carry on the name. So I've been in an apprenticeship since March, now I own it. He is still in the shop everyday (thank god) and things are rolling along. We do auto, marine, and industrial. Performance, Restoration, or rebuild. Here are some pics of some jobs last week.View attachment 228747 View attachment 228748 View attachment 228749 View attachment 228753 View attachment 228754

Terrific news! All of us here are wishing you great success.
that's the shop, that "restored" my rare 61 318 power pack AFB about a year ago. It was ROUGH, stuck throttles and beat to death. It came back to me as new.....
Happy to hear your stepping up to save the business..

Any pictures of your carb shop?
No Sir, none at this time. As I said he had been hobbled up pretty good for the last couple years, so cleaning wasn't a big priority. I'm chipping away at it between jobs, but it will take some time.
TQ rebuild ready to ship.
Wow. Guess I know where I'm sending my AFB.
I do love that every time I read the title to this post my eyes stop at "Just Bought a Carburetor ..." Then I slowly proceed to "Shop".
I have a Carter AFB and a set of Holley 2bbls that will be heading east, gotta keep Dana busy!
Do you sell parts too? I'm not sure if I need a total rebuild. My big block thermoquad seems to start easy and idle nice when warm. But it has a stumble and occasionally dies while in gear from a dead stop during "tip in".
I don't really like to sell my parts. Sounds lean as usual. Check your pump shot, make sure you are getting a nice stream.

Do you have a stash of cores for rebuild in a case that a customer does not have the desired carburetor to be sent for rebuilding?
Yes sir, I have around 700 cores, all makes.