Lets Play A Game: Last Of The Convertibles

Thanks to @dh23t for posting the tag of CM27T0C194425, a previously brown(burnt tan)/tan-saddle/white (FT6/M6T5/V1W) but now bright metallic green/tan/tan 300 'vert manufactured on 2/17. Thanks also to @rags for alerting me to the posting. Relatively few options (power seats, nice radio) on this console car, which is currently for sale by its owner of 20 years -- new FCBO member @1badpinkrt.
Attached are the tags of two 1970 Newports, CE27L0C247018 (an EB3 E2X9 V3X 'vert manufactured June 4, 1970 and currently for sale in Canada) and CE27L0C189029 (a similarly low-option but red 'vert that was originally EF8, with E2X9 TX9 interior and V3X top that was for sale in early April).

The tag of CM27T0C244528, a nicely equipped late-build T-code 300 'vert that was also for sale in Montreal in April, has been lost. I am including a scan of the VIN tag, provided by the seller at the time.

s-l1600 fender tag ce27l0c247018 FCBO.png

CE27L0C189029 fender tag FCBO.png

IMG_4266 FCBO.jpeg
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Lets see how late they built C-body convertibles, the last of their kind! :70s_rule:

I'll go first: Ours was built July 1st of '70 (701 on the fender tag)

I saw your car at Carlisle 2019, but did not to have a chance to thank you for starting this thread/registry. Consider it done!


Thanks to a recent thread on cars for sale, and @rags's quick postings above, we now have two more Polara 'verts in the present thread. Both are currently red, but whereas DL27L0D136136 was painted ER6 red on 9/29/1969, DL27T0D137741 is a fully loaded "Rose Bowl" car and, as such, was originally EW1 white when it came out of the factory on 10/15 of the same year.
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@69CoronetRT and I were discussing the trim on @c-barge 's car. No trim on the top of the fenders and the door trim is slightly different. While I haven't quite figured out what combination or option brings this, I did find the reference for the door trim in the parts book.

#1 in the illustration for the door trim.

Chrysler trim 1.jpg
Chrysler trim 2.jpg
A little more about @c-barge 's car. The other discussion/confusion was the fender mounted turn signals.

From what I can read in the dealership data book on the Hamtramck site, the indicators came with the "Light Package" and that package included the trim on the front fenders. Then, a look in the parts book, illustration 8-32 shows a fender indicator for a station wagon. Back to Hamtramck and looking at the wagons, there's the indicator. Bet it was an add on by the dealer... If the car doesn't have the rest of the Light Package, that could tell us if that was a possibility.


L31 (turn signals on the fender) would be coded on the tag. (Tag below carries an SPD the day before c-barge's car)

c-barge's tag does not show L31.

@69CoronetRT -- it was very nice to meet you at Carlisle. Can you tell us more about the 6/30 Newport? (i.e., CE27L0C262511)
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I will have to look at the build sheet / window sticker again but I thought I remembered seeing the light package on there. The car was spec'd out funky. Not many options but AM/FM 8 track radio, A/C, power brakes/steering & deluxe seat belts are some that come to mind.
How about a Plymouth, for a change? Here is the fender tag for PM27T0D140492, @sauterd 's loaded T-code Fury III 'vert. It was built on October 17, 1969.
Thanks. You too.

No, I’m sorry. I don’t know anything about the car. I just collect tags ;).

I am a nitwit: it was posted by @Snotty in this very thread. Sorry for wasting your time. More photos of this very nice ragtop can be found here.
For some reason, I did not buy this car in 2005. I don't remember why, and I don't remember the price I was offered. I Have photo of vin sticker on door jamb, but its unreadable. CE27N???????? Anyone recognize her? Owner at that time was in GA 383HP, Power windows, buckets, console, AM radio, manual vent windows, 3 spoke wheel, no tilt/tele, no cruise.