58 Savoy.

Found a diff tonight. Out of a C body. One inch wider between backing plates and half inch wider on spring plates.
3:23 geared 8 3/4 Limited Slip.
Wait, I looked at the diff.
8 3/4 don't have C clip axles and removable rear cover.
What the heck is it?
It's a perfect fit. But.....


No plans yet.
There was enough trim to do it over three or four times.
I left it safely in the rafters of his shop till I was ready for it. He passed away a year later. His Son in law scrapped the whole place. I tried to get my trim but it's all gone.
I might have the Savoy side trim if you are interested (off a wagon, is it the same?). If I do have it I know it's in very nice shape - I can send pics if interested
Agreed. Sorry for not paying close enough attention there! Any other trim pieces you might want that might be the same? (headlight trim, grille, top of fins).
Well, new drums, new brakes, new wheel cylinders and all new hardware.
Gawdamn, they don't give that **** away.

Next onto trying to figure out wheels.
I have 18" wheels and tires that the offset is wrong. I have 19" tires but no wheels and 14" wheels but no tires.
Well, diff is installed.
My 15" wheels stick out to far.
But the 18"s fit now. Need spacers for the front to clear tie rods.
Two issues here.
1. I would have to say that bead isn't sitting right.
2. Is that really just sitting on a plastic bread case?